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The Scholarship Program
A Year-Round Basketball Training Program
for both Boys & Girls
This program is geared to help turn a rec level skillset into a high school level skillset with our development program. We focus on the fundamentals of the game defense, dribbling, shooting, passing, IQ. But here the the fundamentals are more than that as we add our  strength & agility training with the various tools we have in our gym. Once we match that together we create the athlete your child is looking to become and the player you will love to watch. 
In the first few months of this program Coach Patton's 
Training  has 
helped multiple kids, boys & girls make their respective Middle School and High School teams throughout Oakland & Macomb County!
The Quality you receive inside of this program and the facility you get to train in 
is one of the best you can find in the Metro 
Detroit area 
as we have a true family style atmosphere where everyone is invested into your athlete! 

If you’re looking to become a part of this program,
please click the button below to make your down payment of $100 and you will be contacted by our staff to start setting up your sessions! 

Don’t miss out let’s get better! 
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